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Bring-In EU Member States
Bring-in project’s partners would like to express their deep concern for the stance of many EU members states
Define sex
What is the definition of the term "sex" adopted by the Bulgarian Constitution
homophobic attacks
Sofia Pride 2021 gathered close to 10,000 people and called for the legalisation of same-sex partnerships and criminalisation of anti-LGBTI hate crimes
"Parliament declared the EU to be an ‘‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’’ in a resolution adopted by 492 votes in favor, 141 against and 46 abstentions".
Hungarian government launches crusade
Interesting articles about the Hungarian government against LGBTQI were posted last days in “Τhe Guardian" and “Háttér Society”.
Hungarian government launches crusade
Hungarian Minister of Justice submitted legislative amendments to the Parliament that stigmatize same-sex couples raising children and transgender people, making single-parent adoption and LGBTQI school education programs impossible.