National Pride Day

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Pride Day

Dear colleagues and friends!

On the occasion of National Pride Day in Greece that the Greek BRING-In consortium is proud to support, we are pleased to announce the launch of the online survey of our recently awarded project BRING-In, which breaks new ground in Greece by studying the level of awareness of social and health care professionals on the rights of intersex persons. We invite those who work on the social and health care field on issues relevant to human rights, equality and gender, incl. the medical construction of gender to spend few minutes (not more than 10!) in order to participate in our online survey by simply clicking here. The survey is anonymous and will be carried out by the safety of your home/ office! If you wish to stay tuned on our next activities, please do share your email so that we can inform you regularly about the next steps.

Thank you for your participation! We value your opinion, thoughts, concerns and experience!