Hungarian government against LGBTQI

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Hungarian government launches crusade

Interesting articles about Hungarian government against LGBTQI were posted last days in “Τhe Guardian" "Hungarian government mounts new assault on LGBT rights" and “Háttér Society” "Instead of controlling the pandemic, Hungarian government launches crusade against LGBTQI people".

At the same time Luca Dudits, the Communication Officer of, NELFA’s (Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations) Hungarian member, Háttér Society, recently added in the NELFA’s recent press release

“More and more countries around the world legalise same-sex marriage and recognise that same-sex couples can be just as good parents of a child. Meanwhile, the government pretends to be unaware that hundreds of same-sex couples already provide a loving, safe environment for their children in Hungary. The constitution already only recognises families based on marriage, while explicitly excluding same-sex couples from the institution of marriage. The new bills and amendments would further cement heteronormativity in law and in society.”