Extremists slam attack Bilitis LGBTI community center in Sofia

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Extremists slam attack Bilitis

The Rainbow Hub in Sofia, which is a community center and also the office where Bilitis Foundation and Glas Foundation are working, was attacked last week during a trans community event. A far-right presidential candidate in Bulgaria has been charged after allegedly for the attack. Bulgaria's prosecutor general confirmed the arrest of Boyan Rasate after having waived his legal immunity as a presidential candidate.

"The crimes committed stand out due to their extreme audacity and disrespect for the democratic foundations of the state" prosecutors said in a statement. The incident gained great publicity and information are found in many e-news as euractive, euronews, washingtonblade, sofiaglobe, and more.

Bilitis, a Bring-In active partner in advocating for the rights of the LGBTI+ community has organized the 1st of November a public protest to exercise pressure on the state to criminalize anti-LGBTI hate crimes. In order to restore the Rainbow Hub, Bilitis is running a donation campaign.

If you are interested to support this you can donate using the following information:  

Bilitis Resource Center Foundation
First Investment Bank, Bulgaria
Or via paypal at: bilitis@bilitis.org