WP4. Awareness Raising & Dissemination

The last horizontal phase of the BRING-In project is key to the achievement of its objectives as it has been conceived with the purpose to widely disseminate information and raise awareness about the current situation and needs of intersex people, while advocating for the end of discrimination on the grounds of sex characteristics and the protection of their rights.

In this respect, the communication, dissemination and awareness raising phase of the project aims to:

  • Disseminate widely and promote the visibility and further exploitation of project results at local, national and EU level.
  • Raise public awareness on violations of the human rights of intersex people.
  • Advocate about the need to combat discrimination on the grounds of sex characteristics through concrete policies, measures and practices.

During the course of this horizontal phase, the BRING-In partners are expected to deliver concrete information and dissemination material that will enable the implementation of a successful public awareness raising campaign coupled with ground-breaking national (Info Days) and International (Final Conference) events that will complement the consortium’s efforts to advocate for intersex people’s rights through targeted meetings with strategic decision makers at national and EU level. Check out the latest news here!

Lead partner: Symplexis

Period of implementation: March 2020 – February 2022