WP3. Capacity building & Training

The third phase of the project is devoted to the upscaling of social and health care professionals’ knowledge and skills in relation to the treatment of intersex people and the protection of their rights. In this stage, the partners will engage in a systematic process, which in the first instance involves the Training of Trainers at transnational level and accordingly the training of social and medical/ paramedical staff at national level.

The activities planned in this phase aim to:

  • Provide an online Learning Resource Platform on intersex issues that will be then made widely available to EU professionals, stakeholders and the wider public through open access mechanisms.
  • Enable the nominated national trainers to deliver the developed curriculum at national level by building their capacity through a Training of Trainers scheme.
  • Improve the knowledge and develop the capacity of social and healthcare professionals on how to better meet the needs of intersex people.

At the end of this phase, at least 60 social and health care professionals will be trained in each of the four implementing countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, UK) acting as multipliers for the further dissemination of knowledge and awareness raising on human rights of intersex people. Stay-up-to date with the upcoming results by registering to our mailing list!

Lead partner: Bilitis

Period of implementation: January 2021 – February 2022