WP2. Research & Development

This phase is the cornerstone of the project as it is expected to deliver concrete evidence about the current situation of intersex people in the four main implementing countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, UK), which in turn will guide the development of targeted training materials according to identified needs and well-grounded policy recommendations.

In this phase, the BRING-In consortiums aims to:

  • Generate new knowledge on the current situation of intersex people in the four target counties by first capitalizing on existing data and in turn, producing new evidence about intersex equality and the profile of the intersex population.
  • Identify and record useful learning resources on human rights of intersex people by encouraging a meaningful exchange of practices and resources between key stakeholders and relevant actors not only from the four participating EU Member States, but from all over Europe.
  • Assess the training and capacity building needs of social and healthcare (medical/paramedical) professionals on intersex issues and develop tailored capacity building and training solutions in response to the identified needs.

During the course of the second phase of the BRING-In project, the partners will have the chance to consult with intersex people and their families, social and health care professionals as well as with human rights, gender equality, LGBTI and intersex stakeholders so as to trigger a dynamic learning exchange process that will lead to useful professional guidance and capacity building materials for the next phase of the project. Stick around as all materials and products will be uploaded in the Results section!

Lead partner: Panteio University

Period of implementation: March 2020 – August 2021