WP1. Project Management & Coordination

This phase mostly refers to the internal process of consortium coordination, which is key to the smooth implementation of the project as it is expected to deliver the following objectives:

The objectives of this WP are to:

  • To ensure the smooth implementation of the planned work and in turn the timely delivery of the project objectives and the expected results from a coordination and administration point of view.
  • To safeguard the quality of the developed products through meticulous monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation processes both internally and through an external independent evaluator.
  • To ensure good cooperation and communication between the project partners and with the contacting authority.
  • To ensure compliance with all contractual obligations by the applicant/ consortium including interim and final reporting according to EU rules and procedures.

During this phase that runs through the whole project implementation period, the BRING-In consortium will deliver and report upon a meticulously designed work plan, while ensuring all necessary quality assurance and evaluation processes. In doing so, our team has planned a number of partnership meetings that will facilitate effective communication, collaboration and coordination between the partners. For more information about the outcomes of the planned consortium meetings stay connected by simply visiting our news section!

Lead partner: Panteio University

Period of implementation: March 2020 – February 2022